Qphone & dSecure

Protecting the privacy of electronic communications.

Qphone is a highly secure communications platform that provides encrypted, end-to-end voice, messaging, and video.  Features include:

  • Quantum resistant encryption
  • Secure voice and video calls
  • Secure messaging (chat and text), including document attachments
  • Each organization supported by standalone private network
  • Operates ubiquitously across all mobile devices and computers

Make all your conversations secure between smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops:

  • Total privacy of communications
  • Encrypted, end-to-end voice, messaging and video by default
  • Easy install… no special hardware required
  • Messaging screen protection
  • Protects the confidentiality and integrity of investigations from third-parties
  • Safeguards communications between executives
  • Ensures intellectual property remains protected

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dSecure is a highly secure encryption and management package that encrypts all data from creation through its end of life, whether in transit, being processed, or at rest.  Features of the dSecure include:

  • Secure information Automatically
  • Secure anything (email, messages, documents, x-rays, personnel data, imaging, etc.)
  • Easily implemented and used for zero-trust environments and micro-segmentation
  • Built in multifactor authentication – including hardware identifiers
  • Audit logs are kept of every attempt to decrypts, logs are scanned in real time for patterns
  • Can encrypt over 30,000 file types
  • IoT ready and can be retrofitted to legacy systems such as ICS/SCADA
  • Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

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