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Qphone Leverages Quantum Resistant Encryption to Deliver Unprecedented Privacy, Security, and Simplicity Between Mobile Devices, Laptops and Desktop Computers

MCLEAN, VA (September 12, 2022) – Global Integrity today announced the launch of Qphone™, a secure communications software platform that encrypts and protects voice, text, and video conversations between mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. Purpose-built for corporate executives, attorneys, and professionals across industries, Qphone ensures privacy of all point-to-point communications.

“In today’s business environment, it is hard to distinguish the good guys from the bad actors,” explained Bill Marlow, CEO of Global Integrity. “Virtually anyone, including competitors and organized crime with readily available technology as well as state-sponsored agencies with their vast technical resources, can compromise corporate security and privacy.”

Among the solutions that claim to offer multi-layer security, most can be easily penetrated or hacked using various methods. Qphone offers a different approach. Each deployment of Qphone has its own private network with end-to-end quantum resistant encryption, ensuring all communications are secure and cannot be compromised.

While Qphone utilizes advance encryption technology, the ultra-secure functionality is transparent to users and supports all types of endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Key features include:

  • Secure Voice Calling
  • Secure Conference Calling
  • Secure Video
  • Secure Chat and Texting
  • Secure Document Attachments

“Every day, organizations across industries are being targeted and those that are inadequately protected are vulnerable,” added Marlow. “Privacy is critical for business continuity and required to maintain the integrity and trust of communications across all types of endpoints. Qphone addresses these issues and makes privacy simple and secure.”

Visit us at GSX

Global Integrity will demonstrate Qphone at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference and exhibition in Atlanta (Booth #1051).

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Global Integrity provides highly secure voice, text messaging, and video communications and bespoke protective intelligence services for select clients. The company develops highly-reliable and scalable security solutions for protecting the privacy of electronic communications. For more information, visit


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